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18th March 2010

ABC3D incase you missed it the first time

Never get tired of this. Get your copy from Amazon. I just checked and its only a tenner now, can you believe it!

18th March 2010

Japanese Wonderland > UNIQLO Calendar



All shot in that flat colour style that makes everything so charmingly animated.
Minutes, hours, even days go by watching this …then you realise its time some lunch!
See the calendar here or on Vimeo for more videos from Keith Loutit.

Oh and don’t miss the magic that happens when you Click To Explore.
Blooming Brilliant!

13th March 2010

Are you a User?

The new TRON Legacy trailer. Prepare to be de-rezzed!

Nearly 30 years on and it still looks sooo good. Heres a lightbike comparison too.

And this is just a lil’ something else…

12th March 2010

Two videos of EPIC proportions

See the rest on NASA’s uToob.

12th March 2010

HOUSE OF CARDS: Record Holder / Record Breaker

Guiness World Record Card Stacking Bonanza

But don’t you just want it to fall down? Read more or


11th March 2010

Book balancing

I need more books with coloured book edges! ’