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The World’s Deadliest War

Human Rights Watch Congo

New York

We teamed up with Human Rights Watch to create a mini site that would inform people of the conflict in congo. The site features reports, and photo essays to provide users with an informed insight into the congo, and give users the opportunity to donate to the cause.

Congo has been called the world’s deadliest war and most pronounced use of rape as a weapon continue to rage in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. For 13 years, the people of eastern Congo have been ensnared in a tangled web of armed groups—from foreign rebels to the Congo’s own army—who prey on Congolese civilians and, with collaboration from governments and multinational corporations, strip the country of its immense natural wealth. This conflict can only end when the international community abandons the piecemeal approach it has adopted to deal with this multilayered and immensely complex conflict and takes a holistic approach to peacemaking.




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