We were asked by Julia Royce, curator at RS&A, to create the branding for a pop-up space called ‘Posted’, a temporary exhibition space in a former post office in East London. ‘Posted’ would present a series of exhibitions, performances, screenings and workshops exploring and celebrating Great Britain’s postal heritage.

With the website we were looking for inspiration and found it when we stumbled upon a sheet of stamps and realised we could take the grid from the sheet of stamps and populate it with various web content.

Above:Stationary and postcard

Above:Event invite

Above:Event opening night

Above:Limited edition artist stationary

Above:Posted at the Art Car Book Fair

We began by researching what the Post Office has meant to the people of Britain, past and present. We thought about its simplest and most endearing symbol, the letterbox. After trying out various letterbox mouths, we settled on a shape and applied a font reminiscent of the Royal Mail’s to complete the branding. Artists participating in POSTED include  Jo Broughton, Natasha Chambers, Oliver Clegg, Julie Cockburn, Adam Dix, Itai Doron, Sean Dower, Tracey Emin, Angus Fairhurst, Vanessa Fristedt, Tom Gidley, Cate Halpin, Susie Hamilton, Georgie Hopton, Rachel Howard, Harland Miller, Polly Morgan, Benjamin Newton, Molly Palmer, James White and Miyo Yoshida.

Click the link to visit the website:

Print: Branding, Design & art direction, prepress, print production, print management and invitations, flier
Online: Planning, creation of wireframes, UI and UX development, design and creation of custom WordPress templates, enhanced-functionality back end, MySQL, PHP, CSS, Javascript, AJAX