TALIBAN – Thomas Dworzak

Magnum photographer Thomas Dworzak, was on a war assignment for the New Yorker, when he discovered these photographs days after the Taliban had fled the city of Kabul. Strictly forbidden to take photo’s, the Taliban defied this law and photographed themselves in photo-booths choosing obscure backdrops such as the Swiss Alps. Some Taliban members are alone, others with a friend or a Kalashnikov. Garish colours are stroked into the theme. They were the killers who have fled, leaving behind an absurd and fascinating record of their presence.

The design is bold and direct to mirror the impact of the photographs. The hardest task was to work out the edit and refining the sequence of the 2 main types of photographs: painted portraits or obscure backdrops. We decided on a mixing images rather than 2 separate sections.

Picture Editor, Design & Art Direction